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Michaël Sulick's career

CIA Director Hayden appointed in Friday Michaël Sulick as National Clandestine Service's head.

Sulick is a seasoned CIA officer.

His career:

Entered in the CIA,Directorate of Operations ,in 1980.

Posted in Japan and Peru (I don't know when,probably in 80's)

-Deputy station chief in Moscow from 1988 to 1991.Officially first secretary of the political section of the US Embassy in Moscow.

-Internal Operations chief of the CIA Soviet Division (Internal Operations supervises the work of the Soviet Division inside USSR)

-In August 1991,Sulick goes to Vilnius,to establish contacts with now power.

-From 1994 to 1996,Station chief in Moscow,officially counsellor of regional affairs.

-From 1996 to 1999,CIA Station chief in Warsaw.

-After the Kosovo War,appointed as Eurasia Division Chief,in 1999.

-From 2002 to 2004,Counterintelligence center head.

-From 2004 to November 2004,deputy chief of the Operative Directorate.

Fired from the CIA after conflict with CIA Director Porter Goss

-Named as National Clandestine Service Chief in september 2007. 

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